Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Taking care of each other

Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin are the couple behind the intriguing duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums. With Mariams sensual voice and Andreas powerful rhythm, they create unusual musical experience, that creeps under your skin and lifts you up with its energy. Chatting with the musicians before their show at Stay Out West’s venue at Folkteatern, our reporter got charmed by the harmonious and loving vibe of the two.



– Your last album ‘’Rhythm’’ was released in November 2014. How do you look at it right now, from a few months’ perspective?

Mariam: Personally I’ve never been interested in making ‘’the perfect album’’. Of course I want to make good music, but it is more about the journey. An album is always tricky, because people should be able to listen to it over and over again, but still with energy. It’s always a challenge to save energy on tape without forcing it. I think we are excited to record the next one, although we are satisfied with this one.

Andreas: We will save it for a while though. It’s good to let it build up again.



– What about your tour?

M: It’s been great. For this album we decided not to tour too much. We love playing live and getting into that rhythm – it is a special life. But we never want to get tired of it and getting it as a habit.

A: We’re also engaged in so many different projects, so we want to keep a balance. As a couple, we think it’s important not to make it too intensely. Keep it so it’s fun.

M: We want to take care of music and of each other.

– How does your love relationship grow through making music together and how is your music cherishing your relationship?

M: It’s always been very easy actually, because we had the same idea about music ever since. Before starting the band, we both wanted to find something important and just fuck everything else.

A: We are neither showing our relationship, what you see it’s only about the music we are creating together.

M: I guess we are a bit spoiled by having such a deep connection musically. We’ve always trusted and respected each other. Ten years later Andreas still is the person I trust most musically.



– What other collaborations are you engaged in at the moment?

M: Andreas is in an experimental jazz trio called Fire, and they have a side project with a 20 piece band, where I also sing. We’ve been touring a lot with them this summer. I also have a solo project called Mariam the Believer which I will start recording with soon as well.

A: I play in like five different bands, so it’s important to keep all of them alive.


Words by Weronika Pérez Borjas

Photography by Clara Uddman

Special thanks to WOW2015, SJ, ESS HOTELL

Wildbirds & Peacedrums