Paris – Rågsved

We met up with illustrators Nabil and Franck at Grymt Creative Agency who are currently involved in two events in Stockholm; French Graffiti and Spring Remake. The guys are both well experienced graffiti artists from Paris and Toulouse and it’s cool to have them both here to share their insights of the graffiti art scene.

Nabil and Franck are, what we would like to call, entrepreneurs within the graffiti scene, two guys driven by their passion and working hard to achieve their goals. However, Nabil and Frank views it differently from us. They are more inclined to see graffiti as a way of life rather than a hobby. In other words, they do what they love.





French Graffiti

Their most recent project was the French Graffiti project which was all about getting a touch of France to Stockholm. It also served as a platform for people wanting to learn and practice graffiti and was open for people in all ages. Nabil and Franck got involved to teach, share, inspire and give grafitti the attention it deserves by inviting well known artists like Reso, Scred, Mondé and Ndek to represent the art.

The idea for the project came from missing the French graffiti culture in Stockholm. Nabil and Franck wanted to combine their biggest passion with their roots from France and create an event for both grafitti artists and people in general, curious in what’s happening within the street art scene.

The French Graffiti project was held in the end of March on various places like Konstskolan Basis, Konstart and at Snösätra Rågsved.






Spring Remake

Next up is the Spring Remake where Nabil and Franck together with artists from around the world will remake the graffiti painted walls of Snösätra in Rågsved into new awesome graffiti art.

During 17-19 April, people can hang out with good music, good vibes and see art take its form live.

Nabil and Franck like the idea with the event and says: “It’s a great opportunity for the Graffiti to show its real side and to spread the true and happy feeling of the art we are making. For three days people will see an incredible change and creativity take form. Just to hang out, socialize and create something amazing. We are really glad to have this opportunity and hope that all kinds of people will come and join”.

“Good people good project” – Franck





Artists: Scred, Reso, Mondé, Soe Fame

Photography by Pierre Vincensini, Clement Cayrou