Need for Speed

The Swedish downhill skater Mauritz Armfelt, aka Moe, embodies his hashtag #MOEadventures. Living and breathing for adventures, this adrenalin junkie is constantly looking for experiences outside the ordinary. Being ranked #1 in the world, his upcoming tour took an unexpected turn when one day he was racing down a hill in Malibu and met a car… We had the lucky chance to catch up with Moe between all the speed of his adventures to find out what drives this skateboarder forward in his life


Moe’s love for the sport started at the early age of 14 when he discovered skateboarding. Since he wasn’t a fan of regular sports such as football and tennis, the rolling boards came into his life to stay – although the attitude and trash talk in the skatepark was not a lifestyle suitable for him. Thankfully it all changed one day when he and some friends visited a downhill skateboard-event in Stockholm.



“I remember I was overwhelmed with how friendly everyone was! It was all about having fun! I dropped down the hill for my first run and remember how awesome the feeling was of going fast. The best part was that you had your friend riding right next to you, experiencing the exact same feeling! The next day I had already decided: I was going to do this for the rest of my life!” he told us.



8 years later, he’s ranked #1 in the world. But for Moe, it’s not about being the best at the sport that counts, it’s about being the best person you can be.

“Traveling to races has taken me to amazing places and I’ve met so many awesome people! I would truly be a different person if I had not started downhill skateboarding,” he explained. He has traveled the world for years, experiencing hills, oceans, cities, mountains and people to impact his life. Every destination is different than the one before and impossible to compare to the next. He documents his trips on Instagram with the hashtag  #MOEadventures, encouraging and inspiring people to travel and go on their own adventures too.



When we talked with Moe, we found out that he (and perhaps any downhill skater)  thinks that the gnarliest part of skating is not always the speed – it’s actually the traffic. His top speed so far is an intense 129,7 km/h and especially considering that he’s balancing on a piece of wood with four wheels, this speed is as impressive as it is hard to imagine. Usually the races take place on controlled and closed roads, but sometimes they do ride in open traffic, with oncoming cars in the opposite lane.

“There are moments that you have just before you have a bad crash. Time freezes and for a millisecond your mind takes everything in and you know exactly where and how badly it’s going to hurt. Then it’s just like someone hits the play button.”

Taking tight corners on a board is already tricky at this high speed. Throwing a car into the mix and it can be truly tricky.. This is what (literally) hit Mauritz in the beginning of May this year…



Racing down a hill in Malibu, suddenly the moment came when Moe went around a corner and met a car. He was sent to the hospital with internal bleeding and both shoulders dislocated, but with his head and his spine intact and not a single bone broken.

He told us about the accident from the hospital, saying, “You know about the dangers of what you’re doing. That’s why it’s easier to accept what has just happened. Then it is just about attitude on how you will recover. I have some amazing friends that have had some pretty bad injuries but still make it through. I try to think of them and how they made it. It gives me reassurance. And you can never become good at anything without falling!”

Moe’s positive energy and friendly vibe is what attracts both friends and followers to his adventures and lifestyle, and pushes him to keep moving forward despite setbacks like this one. “I usually take things as they come and never take anything for granted. You do the best with whatever situation you get thrown into. Same as racing, you always do your best and and never assume anything.” He says.

Now he’s in Sweden recovering from his injury back in Stockholm, a place that has always been important for him as his home and the place where it all began. He brings a piece of it with him during every race, representing his country with a huge blue and yellow helmet.

“The hills in Stockholm where I am from are not some crazy mountain roads but we do have some technical and tactical hills. They are not very fast–  but they will make you techniques perfect. That’s why Sweden is a great place to learn.” He says.



Moe’s crash is still a part of #MOEadventures and even if his skating and surfing is on hold for now, he will never stop encouraging aspiring skaters to get into the sport.
“Get out there and do something and make sure to make the most of it! If you never push your limits you will never evolve. It’s all about making mistakes and trying to improve. If you come home from a skate session and your body is not hurting, you have not pushed it hard enough! There are no shortcuts to becoming good, action and results speak more than words,” he says.




There is no doubt in our minds that Moe will be standing on his longboard again soon. We are sending him all our positive vibes, wishing him a safe and speedy recovery so he can get back out on those hills!



Words by Lisa Liljenberg

Mauritz Armfelt


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