Eva Kerek is an artist who, one might say, paints figurative images in a naive and coloristic tradition, but that’s not the whole truth.

When I look at Eva’s paintings, I see a completely honest expression. This is all about survival; it’s evident that painting is vitally important to her. She has been painting for as long as she can remember, always drawing and painting throughout her childhood, through school and now, in her adult life, she continues on this path to develop her style.



Moreover, she is very adept at putting color nuances into building blocks, seemingly simple compositions but with a great deal of force. Eva early discovered that she was not interested in depicting the perfect perspective; she sought a more honest and more reporting vision which has resulted in these flared photos seen from above like in a scrapbook. With this effective vision we take note of everything that exists and takes place in the room, seen from different perspectives which engages the viewer to work with hers/his perception of things.





The absurdity is that everything seems normal; Eva does not have to show off, which is common among today’s artists. What we see is what we get, but it’s fascinating that the simple and mundane can hold so much power. Over the past 10 years I have seen Eva Kerek’s art move continuously toward simplification and truth, and it only gets better.




I’m really looking forward to following Eva’s career.
 But most important of all, Eva is a survivor who has something to tell and will make herself heard far and wide.


Words by Axel Mörner, edited by Gustav Bagge.

Some of the images have been cropped.

Eva Kerek