While most of us hail the light in life and art, the visual and contemporary artist Kirstine Roepstorff celebrates its opposite, tempting the mind with a Renaissance of the Night

The female genitals are often seen as representing temptation, lust, pleasure and fertility, but they’re much more than that. It’s time to look at our body and gender in a different way from what society tells us we should, and the art collective Vulvae have made it their mission that we do

Close your eyes and hold in your mind what can’t be yours. Let sparks of colour and gentle, romantic touches hide the images flickering beneath, the world beyond your reach – for now

The 1920s was a very bubbly period for sure. A revolution in music, art, hairstyles and drinks mixology. After the Great War, young people wanted to have fun. They wanted a change. And when amusement wasn’t found nearby, they went to a place where it was, where liquor and bubbles reigned