The Forumist brings together creative talents from all over the world to give you an inclusive magazine that breaks with traditional thinking and does away with any limitations previously set by gender, origin or appearance. For anyone with passion for life and beauty, art, fashion, music, nightlife, street and pop culture.

In print, The Forumist is a free magazine distributed in Sweden and Germany with 90,000+ readers.


Visiting address:
The Forumist AB
Sveavägen 98

113 50 Stockholm



Pejman Biroun Vand (Sthlm)

Creative Direction
See Studio

Fashion Co-ordinator
Emma Thorstrand (Sthlm)

Marketing Managers
Magnus Rindberg
Sigrid Hadenius

Online & Production Manager
Eimi Tagore-Erwin (Sthlm)

Managing Editor
Lisa Liljenberg

Web Development Manager
Gustav Bagge (Sthlm)

Beauty Editor
Celine Exbrayat (Paris)

Paris Editor
Sophie Faucillion

Berlin Editors
Veronika Dorosheva
Ole Siebrecht

Music Editor
Filip Lindström (Sthlm)

Art Editor
Ashik Zaman (Sthlm)

Contributing Designer
Daniel Björkman (Sthlm)

Contributing Editors
Camila-Catalina Fernandez (Sthlm)
Abbie R Phillips (London)

Contributing Fashion Editors
Angel Macias (NYC)
Tiphaine Menon (Paris)
Adam Petersson (Sthlm)
Gabriela Pintado Terroba (Berlin)
Maroussia Sampsidis (Paris)
Sophia Schwan (Berlin)
Mine Uludag (Berlin)

Contributing Photographers
Daniel Roche (Berlin)
Manuel Obadia-Wills(Paris)
Cornelia Wahlberg (Sthlm)
Lars Norgaard (London)
Olivia Fremineau (Paris)
Harling & Darsell (Berlin)
Alric Ljunghager (Bergen)
John Strandh (Stockholm)
Martin Wichardt (Stockholm)
Dan Sjölund (Stockholm)
Alexander Neumann (NYC)
Luis Alberto Rodriguez (Berlin)
Max vom Hofe (Berlin)

Contributing Illustrator
Jess Quinn (Brighton)