The Forumist brings together creative talents from all over the world to give you an inclusive magazine that breaks with traditional thinking and does away with any limitations previously set by gender, origin or appearance. For anyone with passion for life and beauty, art, fashion, music, nightlife, street and pop culture.

In print, The Forumist is a free magazine distributed in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany with 100,000+ readers.


Visiting address:
The Forumist AB
Sveavägen 98

113 50 Stockholm




Pejman Biroun Vand (Stockholm)


Creative Direction
See Studio (London)

Fashion Co-ordinator
Karolina Brock (New York)

Content Co-ordinator
Ulrika Becker (Stockholm)

Wed developer
Iris Löthén (Stockholm)

Marketing Co-ordinator
Petter Bladlund (Stockholm)

Marketing Assistant
Frida Björk (Stockholm)

Beauty Editor
Celine Exbrayat (Paris)

Paris Editor
Mari David (Paris)

Berlin Editors
Veronika Dorosheva

Ole Siebrecht

New York Editor
Angel Macias

Music Editor
Jonatan Södergren (Stockholm)

Art Editor
Ted Hammerin (Tallinn)

Tech Editor
Ashkan Fardost (Stockholm)

Contributing Photographers
Julia Grossi (Berlin)

Danny Lim (New York)
Sarai Mari (New York)
Alexander Neumann (New York)
Johan Nilsson (Stockholm)
Chuck Reyes (Paris)
John Scarisbrick (Stockholm)
Felix Swensson (Stockholm)
Wanderlust (Paris)
Tobias Zarius (Paris)

Contributing Fashion Editors
Mari David (Paris)
Veronika Dorosheva (Berlin)
Gorjan Lauseger (Stockholm)
Samantha McCurdy (Los Angeles)
Natalie Olenheim (Stockholm)
Allyson Shiffman (Stockholm)
Haruka Suzuki (Paris)

Contributing Editors
Petter Bladlund (Stockholm)
Jonas Hallén (Göteborg)
Tor Bergman (Stockholm)
Jonas Kleerup (Stockholm)
Austin Maloney (Stockholm)